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Ace A/C of Ocala - Zone Control Systems

Zone Control System Services in Ocala, FL

Even with today’s upgraded thermostats, it can very difficult to manage cooling or heating your entire house with a single thermostat. Some challenges can include having multiple stories or specialized architecture, like vaulted ceilings. Or, you just may have a wide range of temperature preferences per family member. No matter what your challenge, if you have a ducted HVAC system, there is a great solution available to you: a zone control system.

Not only do we install zone control systems, we also repair them, maintain them and replace them, even if we weren’t the initial company to handle the work. Because zone control systems become an integrated part of your home’s ductwork system, it is imperative to work with people qualified to handle the job, and our NATE-certified experts are the perfect choice.

The HVAC experts from Ace A/C of Ocala can help you with all of your zone control needs in Ocala, FL – contact us today!

Why Can’t I Install a Zone Control System Myself?

To understand why it’s very important to allow only a trained expert like ours to install your zone control system, you first need to have a basic idea of how the system functions.

A zone control system is comprised of a series of motorized dampers that are installed into your home’s ductwork on the supply side. These dampers are instructed to open and close as needed by a main control panel. Also connected to the main control panel are the thermostats from each zone. This is how the control panel knows to open or close a particular damper in order to maintain the right temperatures in each zone.

As you can see, this is a fairly complicated installation, involving your ductwork, the establishment of zones in your home, your electrical system and the successful functioning of the dampers. Our experts handle this kind of installation all the time, so you can count on us installing your zone control system correctly and quickly the first time around, not the third or fourth. That means you’ll also enjoy the benefits your zone control system has to offer much sooner, too.

Are There Benefits to Using a Zone Control System?

In a word: yes, there are benefits. Here are the ones our zone control customers currently enjoy:

  • Better energy efficiency – Being able to control your cooling and heating per zone can help reduce your energy consumption considerably, particularly if you have a large home or have rooms of your home that remain largely unoccupied.
  • Greater comfort – A single–set thermostat can present challenges when trying to reach a temperature that works for everyone in your home. By creating separate zones throughout your house, you have the ability to heat and cool as wanted in each zone. A zone control system also helps eliminate the occurrence of hot and cold spots that can develop when using a single–set thermostat.
  • Less strain on your system – When you are using only the exact cooling you need, and not cooling an entire home based on a single–set thermostat, your air conditioner works less. Less work can mean less wear–and–tear on your system, which helps prevent premature aging.

Let the NATE–certified pros at Ace A/C of Ocala handle all of your zone control needs in Ocala!