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Ace A/C of Ocala - Furnaces

Furnace Services in Ocala, FL

There are a lot of different types of heater out there, but there’s a reason why forced-air furnaces remain a staple of most homes in Ocala, FL. They’re simple to install and operate, and they work quite well in conjunction with your air conditioner’s duct systems. If well-maintained and carefully service, they can last you for many years.

All of that is contingent upon a great service to help you out, however. At Ace A/C of Ocala, our technicians can handle all aspects of furnace services: installation, maintenance, repair and replacement when it’s finally time to swap it out with a new one. Our staff is standing by to answer your questions, so pick up the phone and call us today!

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We Know the Furnaces We Install and Replace

Furnace installation and furnace replacement are much the same operation, and in order to conduct them successfully, you need a service that understands the differences between different types of furnace. That means they know who to hook new ones up to your existing system, and can advise you against purchasing a furnace that won’t fit the nature of your house. It also means they’ll install or replace your furnace using only the latest techniques and high quality components, so you know your system was put in the right way without any difficulties. Call Ace A/C of Ocala today to discuss the options for your home.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces use heated electrical coils to generate warmth for your home, rather than gas–fed burners like with gas furnaces. They can cost less to install than gas furnaces, but tend to cost more to run from month to month, which you should factor into your calculations. Call Ace A/C of Ocala for electric furnace services of all varieties.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces use burners few by gas to heat the air. They’re more common than electric furnaces and their designs are a little older. But they still see a great deal of use in our area, which means you need somebody who can not only install them, but keep them services and repair them when necessary.

Trust Ace A/C of Ocala for Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Furnaces undergo wear and tear like any other appliance, and that means they can conk out just when you need them the most. The good news is that it’s not as catastrophic as it might be further north. The bad news is that it could still leave you in a chilly house until it gets fixed. Ace A/C of Ocala provides top–quality furnace repair on short notice, but we also believe in stopping repairs before they start with a reliable regular maintenance program. Not only does that allow the technician to spot early signs of potential breakdowns and work to repair them before they become a problem, but it helps the heater retain its efficiency and lower your monthly bills. Give us a call today to get it started; we’ll set up a schedule that works for you!