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Ace A/C of Ocala - Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Services in Ocala, FL

Heat pumps can be great HVAC system options for homeowners in our area. This is because we have relatively long summers and relatively short winters. We also don’t see the extreme cold temperatures during our summers that other parts of the country do. However, without proper installation and continued service by an expert, it will be hard to gain the benefits, and the powerful cooling and heating that a heat pump HVAC system can offer you. But this is where we come in.

Our NATE-certified experts have years of experience installing, repairing, maintaining, and replacing heat pump systems, and we bring this experience to every job we do. This means you can rest assured that no matter what your heat pump needs are, we can handle them. Don’t leave your heat pump system in the hands of someone inexpert. Instead, let the certified and trained professionals from Ace A/C of Ocala help you stay cool, or warm, as you need it.

Ace A/C of Ocala specializes in heat pump installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. Call us for all of your heat pump needs in Ocala, FL!

How Does a Heat Pump Offer Both Heating and Cooling?

You may have heard that when cooling, heat pumps work very much like air conditioners: the refrigerant in the system absorbs the heat and removes humidity, drying and cooling your indoor air. But how does this same system also provide heat? It simply reverses the process, but can do so because it has a component air conditioners do not: a reversing valve. This valve changes the direction in which the refrigerant in the system flows, allowing the system to have different modes, i.e., heating or cooling. There isn’t a universal setting for the direction. It is up to each manufacturer to determine how a particular brand’s reversing valve will work. Our experts are fully educated on working with reversing valves and every other part of your heat pump system, so you never have to worry that your needs won’t be met.

Why Choose a Heat Pump System?

So why choose a heat pump system over an air conditioning system? Here are some reasons our customers have made the choice to go with a heat pump:

  • Better energy efficiency – Heat pumps use approximately 25–50% of the electricity a traditional AC uses, and it uses this smaller amount of electricity for both heating and cooling. Heat pumps do not use any kind of fossil fuel ever, so if you have been looking to save on those kinds of cost, this may be the right system for you.
  • Longer lifespan – The average lifespan of a heat pump system is 20–25 years, with consistent, biannual maintenance. In comparison, a traditional split system AC typically lasts 10–15 years and a traditional heating system like a furnace lasts about 15 years as well.
  • Versatility – A heat pump system can be used with a ducted or ductless system, giving you even more opportunities to tailor this system to your heating and cooling needs.

When you need a heat pump system for your home in Ocala, call the pros at Ace A/C of Ocala!