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Dehumidifier Services by Ace A/C of Ocala

The biggest enemy of staying comfortable during the summers in Ocala, FL isn’t the heat, but the humidity. Although everyone accepts the idea of “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that can be done to decrease the humidity—at least the humidity inside your home own. A powerful whole-house humidifier installed by professionals can provide the balanced humidity in your household that will not only improve comfort during hot weather, but also provide other benefits as well.

It’s easy to get started with a new dehumidifier: call Ace A/C of Ocala. We’re a locally owned and operated company specializing in providing the best in indoor comfort for our customers. Along with installing excellent dehumidifiers for homes, we are also available to provide replacement, maintenance, and repair work whenever you might need it. You can trust our training and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the finest service possible.

The indoor air quality experts at Ace A/C of Ocala offer installation and other dehumidifier services in Ocala, FL and throughout North and Central Florida.

The Benefits of Whole–House Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers work in a fashion similar to air conditioners: a refrigerant coil draws heat out of the air, but also absorbs moisture along with it. The moisture condensation is then drained out of the system, and the cooled air is heated back to its original temperature so that it won’t cause an imbalance with the AC.

The biggest benefit of this process is that balanced relative humidity (between 30%–50%) makes it easier for the human body to release heat through sweat. Increased moisture in the air slows down perspiration and traps extra heat in the body, which is why humid days feel so much hotter. With a good dehumidifier in your home, the hot Florida summer days will feel much more comfortable. And that also means needing to run the air conditioner far less, which will decrease your monthly electrical bills.

Lower humidity also protects a home from issues with mold growth and wood rot. These fungal growths can cause significant damage to a home. Worse, mold will adversely affect your air quality with toxic mold spores, which is especially harmful for people with allergies and asthma.

Are You Looking for Dehumidifier Repair?

If you already have a dehumidifier in your home, you’ll understand the value of the job that it does for you. If your whole–house dehumidifier stops working, you will want to have it fixed as soon as possible. This isn’t a job to try to do on your own, since dehumidifiers are as complex as standard air conditioning systems. Only indoor air quality and AC professionals should tackle this work. Call us and we will see that your dehumidifier gets back to work.

Call Us for the Best Dehumidifier Services!

At Ace A/C of Ocala, "Customer Is King." We are fully committed to delivering the best service possible on every single job we do. So if you’re suffering from humid air in your home that is making everyone uncomfortable and leading to other issues, you only need to contact us and leave all the hard work to our team. Keep our number handy for any time that you need indoor air quality improvements in Ocala, FL or the surrounding areas.