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Ace A/C of Ocala - Duct Testing

Duct Testing Services by Ace A/C of Ocala

You can’t see most of the ductwork that makes up the ventilation system in your home. These air channels are hidden behind walls, ceilings, and the attic. Because of this, it’s hard to know when the ducts have lost their airtightness and started to leak air. If this happens, it will severely reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system, leading to higher bills and poor comfort.

The way to find out if your ducts are losing air pressure is to arrange for professionals to test the ductwork. Ace A/C of Ocala offers duct testing services in Ocala, FL. We use cutting-edge technology to measure how well your ventilation system retains air pressure. If we find that your ducts are losing air, we can arrange for the sealing work necessary to close the holes so that you will have an energy-efficient air conditioner and/or heater once more. We aim for complete customer satisfaction on every job that we do!

The HVAC professionals at Ace A/C of Ocala perform duct testing for homes in Ocala, FL and the surrounding areas.

When Should You Schedule Duct Testing?

It’s a wise idea to have duct testing done on a regular basis as a precaution. Because of the stress on the ventilation system that occurs during the long air conditioning season in Florida, ducts will start to wear down and develop leaks over time. A duct testing session ever four to five years will help you catch trouble early when it’s simpler and less expensive to fix.

You should call for immediate duct testing if you detect signs that something’s wrong with the ventilation system, such as:

  • Rattling noises from the ducts – Damaged ducts will often make rattling noises as they expand and contract.
  • High heating and cooling bills – Air leaks can cause a loss of up to 30% of the air from inside the ducts. This will lead to a noticeable spike on your bills, and that’s enough to bring in duct testers to see how extensive the problem is.
  • Musty odors from the vents – Because ducts are located in closed–in areas of a house, they can draw dusty and damp air through breaches. This will often lead to a noticeable musty smell in the air from the room vents.

How Professionals Handle Ductwork Testing

Duct testing is a highly specialized job that requires training and advanced equipment. The technicians will first close off all the room vents and registers to completely seal off the ventilation system. They then attach a power vacuum onto the supply duct that leaves the AC and heater cabinet. This vacuum raises the pressure inside the sealed ductwork. The technicians then monitor the pressure level. The faster the pressure starts to drop, the more extensive the leaks in the ducts are. The technician will soon have a solid idea of how much work needs to be done to seal up the ducts.

We Can Test and Seal Your Ducts

If you have reason to believe that your ducts have lost their integrity, or if you simply want to schedule duct testing as a routine service, give the ductwork experts at Ace A/C of Ocala a call. We not only handle the job of analyzing your ducts to see how much air pressure they’re losing, but we also take care of duct sealing using the best available tools. Don’t hesitate to give us a call in Ocala, FL today, and we will see that you receive the quality service your home deserves.