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Ace A/C of Ocala - Infrared Camera Technology

Infrared Camera Technology Services

Temperature is a big part of all our services, either directly or indirectly. After all, we do work with HVAC systems! But with the great tools from FLIR Instruments, our pros are now armed with pocket-sized thermal readers that yield tremendous amounts of information that helps us serve you even more. For instance, let’s say you have noticed rust developing on your furnace cabinet. Rust on a furnace is never a good thing, and it only develops when moisture is present. With our FLIR instruments, we can pinpoint via thermal temperature exactly where the moisture is and even more importantly, where it is emanating from. We can then make a plan to remedy the situation so that you don’t have to worry about further corrosion.

Infrared readings can help with many more things, though, including air balancing in ductwork, the location of air leaks, misrouted ductwork, hot spots, cold spots and other energy-wasting problems. Being able to detect these kinds of problems with the FLIR line of products helps us help you become more comfortable and energy efficient.

Worries about the energy efficiency in your home? Call us today and see how our Infrared Camera Technology services can help!

Why We Use FLIR Products

Saving you energy is an integral part of all of our services. When new products become available that will help us deliver the results our customers need, we make sure we have those products and use them to their maximum potential. Temperature has always been a big indicator by which many HVAC technicians diagnose different types of repair issues, and with the FLIR products, we can now use thermal temperature readings to be much more accurate. Some examples are:

  • Detect overloaded electrical connections
  • Detection and location of hot spots
  • Inspection of ductwork to locate faults where cooler air may be penetrating
  • Locate problematic piping
  • Find the sources of excess, unwanted moisture

In short, the FLIR line of infrared products allows our technicians to target and troubleshoot your HVAC and indoor air quality problems even more quickly and efficiently than before. Let us show you how our infrared camera services can help you be more energy efficient – call us today!

FLIR Works Easily with Our Computers

Another reason we employ the use of FLIR products is that the thermal images our technicians capture are easily downloaded for viewing on our laptop computers. Not only does this allow us to review and accurately diagnose potential problems, we can show you, our customers, in very clear imaging what is happening with your home. If we find excess moisture, you’ll see this reflected in darker coloring. If there’s a hot spot in your ductwork, you’ll see that clearly by the color on the image. FLIR gives us the knowledge we need to pinpoint an issue while also providing our customers with the visual they need to truly understand what is happening with the energy in their homes.

Let us help you pinpoint and remedy temperature–related issues in your home with our comprehensive infrared camera technology services!