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Ace A/C of Ocala - UV Air Purifier

UV Air Purifier Services in Ocala, FL

There are many contaminants that can become trapped inside your home’s ventilation system and reduce the quality of the air you and everyone in your home breathes. Some of these contaminants are easier to filter out than others, such as dust and pet dander. Perhaps the most difficult to address with conventional air filters and purifiers are organic pollutants: gems, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. If these harmful impurities are creating health problems in your home, you should call professional to install UV air purifiers.

These air purifiers use the power of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms without leaving any chemical residue inside your ducts. We’re glad to assist you with locating the right UV purifiers to address the issues with your home’s air. As well as installing these germicidal UV lights and UV air scrubbers, we also offer repairs, maintenance, and replacements services. Feel free to call us today to arrange for improvements to your home’s air.

The indoor air quality professionals at Ace A/C of Ocala offers UV air purifier services in Ocala, FL and the surrounding areas.

How UV Germicidal Lights Work

A UV air purifier is a type of lamp that emits short–wavelength ultraviolet radiation. The lamps are placed in strategic positons inside the HVAC system so that they bathe all the air that must pass through the ducts. The UV rays destroy the cellular functions of the organic pollutants in the air, killing them and preventing them from spreading. The ultraviolet radiation does this job without either using chemicals or adding environmentally–unfriendly ozone to the air.

Although UV radiation can also be harmful to humans, causing skin and eye damage, the lights used in UV air purifiers are small enough that they present little hazard to people. Professional installers will make sure the germicidal lights are properly shielded and hidden from sight to ensure safety.

We Also Offer UV Air Scrubbers

In addition to the standard UV air purifiers, we also install and service UV air scrubbers. The difference between conventional UV germicidal lights and an air scrubber is that the latter is an active system. Instead of simply cleaning out the air that passes through the light rays, a UV air scrubber actively goes after the organic compounds inside the ventilation system and elsewhere in the house. You will receive more thorough disinfecting power in your air and across surfaces of your house. UV air scrubbers will also help to reduce odors within your living spaces.

Call Us When You Need Great UV Air Purifier Service

It’s important to take the air quality in your home seriously, and if germs, bacteria, molds, and unhealthy microorganisms are affecting it, don’t wait to call for assistance. Ace A/C of Ocala wants to make sure that your family has the best in health and comfort, and we will see that you have the right UV germicidal lights or UV air scrubbers to wipe out the pollutants that can put your household in jeopardy. Our company is built on strong values of honesty, integrity, and customer service, and that makes us perfect to help you with your indoor air quality in Ocala, FL.